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Magnetic Snaps-Purple set of 2 SASSKIT011EMagnetic Snaps-Purple set of 2 SASSKIT011E
Iridescent Magnetic Snaps SASSKIT011N
Lime Magnetic Snaps SASSKIT011I
Orange Magnetic Snaps SASSKIT011F
Bugsy Backpack SASSLN0053Bugsy Backpack SASSLN0053
Magnetic Snaps-Brick set of 2 SASSKIT011BMagnetic Snaps-Brick set of 2 SASSKIT011B
Magnetic Snaps-Yellow set of 2 SASSKIT011HMagnetic Snaps-Yellow set of 2 SASSKIT011H
Magnetic Snaps-Wasabi set of 2 SASSKIT011AMagnetic Snaps-Wasabi set of 2 SASSKIT011A
Magnetic Snaps-Black set of 2 SASSKIT011LMagnetic Snaps-Black set of 2 SASSKIT011L
Magnetic Snaps-Royal set of 2 SASSKIT011KMagnetic Snaps-Royal set of 2 SASSKIT011K
Magnetic SnapsRed set of 2 SASSKIT011CMagnetic SnapsRed set of 2 SASSKIT011C
Magnetic Snaps-Pink set of 2  SASSKIT011DMagnetic Snaps-Pink set of 2  SASSKIT011D

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