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Bali Batiks-Ikat Thistle MR15-649
Batik Bali Watercolors 1895-58-Earth
Bali Batik-Textured Lily PadsBalsam R2251-548Bali Batik-Textured Lily PadsBalsam R2251-548
Bali Batiks-String Of Pearls Hyacinth MR13-120
Bali Batiks-Ombre BrushstrokeWisteria MR19-229
Orchard Bliss-Harvest 18" Panel R4682-116
Dream Big Dance-Opal 46" Panel  R4658-132
Dream Big Dance-Fuschia 46" Pa nel R4658-23
Nature's Narratives-Agave R4677-653
Nature's Narratives-Canyon R4678-646
Dream Big 44-1/2" Panel-Blackl ight P4389-537
Hand Dyed Batiks-Hoffman Challenge 2019 Chartreuese HC106-499
Hand Dyed Batiks-Hoffman Challenge 2019 Pewter HC123-76
Hoffman's First Stitch-Hoffman Challenge 2019 Antique HCR4615-164
Bali Batik-Dandelion Gray R2252-48
Kablooms -Neon 28" Panel R4623-684
Call Of The Wild-Bamboo R4635-495
Bali Batik-Oak Leaves Palomino R2232-267
Sparkle & Face-Black/Silver R4566-4S
Bali Batik-Trees-Mint Q2200-308
Hoffman Bali Batik-Trees-Mint Q2200-308
In stock, 8 yards
Nineteen Eighty Five-Rainbow Q4548-481
Bali Watercolors1895-550 Big Sur
Hoffman Bali Watercolors1895-550 Big Sur
In stock, 9 yards
Hoffman Bali Batik-Black Jade Q2197-216
In stock, 9 yards
Wild Kingdom Vignette of Animals Savannah

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