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Bali Batiks-Ombre BrushstrokeWisteria MR19-229
Dream Big Dance-Opal 46" Panel  R4658-132
Nature's Narratives-Agave R4677-653
Hand Dyed Batiks-Hoffman Challenge 2019 Pewter HC123-76
Kablooms -Neon 28" Panel R4623-684
Zoo Keeper-Earth 36" Panel R4639-58
Paradigm Shift-Spectrum R4662-657
Hoffman Paradigm Shift-Spectrum R4662-657
In stock, 7.5 yards
Fly Home-Loons R4644-288
Hoffman Fly Home-Loons R4644-288
In stock, 9.5 yards
Dream Big Dance-Hummingbird 46 " Panel R4658-295
Bali Batik-Butterfly Garden Cabo R2245-361
Bali Batik-Block Flower Indigo R2241-68
Bali Batik-Block Flower Cabo R2241-361
Skylines-Blue 30" Panel N4234-7
Hoffman Skylines-Blue 30" Panel N4234-7
In stock, 3 units
Inspired Indigo-Indigo R4581-68
Hoffman Inspired Indigo-Indigo R4581-68
In stock, 7 yards
Call Of The Wild-Ocean Landscape 29.25" Panel R4595-73
Bali Batik-Big Tropilcal Waikiki R2249-360
Bali Batik-Fan Leaf Big Sur R2243-550
Bali Batik-Dot Twigs R2207-462
Hoffman Bali Batik-Dot Twigs R2207-462
In stock, 10 yards
Bali Batik-Plumage Hydrangea R2211-222
E-Air Show Panel 4281P-11
Hoffman E-Air Show Panel 4281P-11
In stock, 7 units
Bali Mottles Lapis 1384-123
Hoffman Bali Mottles Lapis 1384-123
In stock, 16 yards
Twenty Four Seven Linen-Sky ine S4705-16
Bali Watercolors-Persia 1895-239
Hoffman Bali Watercolors-Persia 1895-239
In stock, 6 yards
Bali Watercolors-Lake 1895-311
Hoffman Bali Watercolors-Lake 1895-311
In stock, 3 yards

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