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Kaffe Fassett's Quilts In The Cotswolds Book 071661Kaffe Fassett's Quilts In The Cotswolds Book 071661
KF Classics-Brassica Yellow  PWPJ051.YELLO
KF Classics-Brassica Moss PWPJ051.MOSSX
Shaggy PWPJ072.BLACK
Westminster Shaggy PWPJ072.BLACK
In stock, 10.5 yards
Spring 2018-Succulent-Red PWPJ091.REDXX
Coleus PWPJ030.MOSSX
Westminster Coleus PWPJ030.MOSSX
In stock, 8.5 yards
KF Collective-Tiddlywinks Cool PWGP171.COOL
KF Collective-Tiddlywinks Rust PWGP171.RUST
KF Collective-Watermelons Red PWPJ103.RED
KF Collective-Watermelons Green PWPJ103.GREEN
KF Collective-Watermelons Blue PWPJ103.BLUE
KF Collective-Watermelons Grey PWPJ103.GREY
KF Collective-Bearded Iris Dark PWPJ105.DARK
KF Collective-Stream Magenta PWBM075.MAGENTA
KF Collective-Amaryllis Natural PWPJ104.NATURAL
KF Collective-Amaryllis Red PWPJ104.RED
KF Collective-Animal Sage PWBM076.SAGE
KF Collective-Animal Green PWBM076.GREEN
KF Collective-Wisteria Red PWPJ102.RED
KF Collective-Wisteria Black PWPJ102.BLACK
KF Collective-Wisteria Teal PWPJ102.TEAL
KF Collective-Diamond DahliasDark PWPJ101.DARK
KF Collective-Diamond DahliasMulti PWPJ101.MULTI
KF Collective-Diamond DahliasBlue PWPJ101.BLUE

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