Hexi Clock - A New English Paper Piecing (EPP) Project

Hexi Clock – a new EPP project!

By Mary-Jeanine Ibarguen

Surfing Pinterest one day, I saw an IKEA clock made of interchangeable plastic hexagons.  Oh yes!  I wanted one, but it was an old picture and the clock is no longer available.  That’s OK, I have the technology!

Itried various materials to make the project stiff enough to support clockworks, and ended up with craft foam for the following reasons:  it’s the right thickness, its readily available, it has memory so I can fold pieces in half when needed to stitch adjacent edges, and best of all: it goes through the Accuquilt Hexagon Die!  Sold, baby!

You can get craft foam at any craft store.  While you’re there, pick up some clock works so you’ll be ready to install the clock at the end of the project.

Of course you can cut your own hexis (there are rotary rulers for this) but having the Accuquilt Hexi Die really makes this project worthwhile to make.  I cut 2 layers of foamy at a time and up to 6 layers of fabric at the same time.

If you’re not familiar with English Paper Piecing, it is a HAND sewing project where you wrap fabric around paper or cardboard (or foam!) and whip stitch the edges together.  It’s a great take-along project.  I currently have one next to my computer for zoom meetings that go on a little long

I found a few great video tutorials by Tula Pink that really cover all the basics plus lot of other info.

Video Tute about English Paper piecing supplies

Video Tute about how to actually DO English Paper piecing.

Here’s a picture of the back and front of another clock contender.  I decided it wasn’t quite what I wanted so I never finished it as a clock.  But it helps to see the fabric wrapped around white craft foam:

A few of the products I really like:

  • The Accuquilt Hexi Die for 1” hexis will cut your inside and outside pieces at the same time
  • This threader works amazingly well.  I’ve only had trouble with one needle, most times it works the first time
  • I really like this fine sewline glue stick for gluing the fabric to the back of the cardboard/foam. Its fast and stays long enough to sew the edges.  And it releases easily too
  • For sewing, I use either (size 100) silk or Invisifil for invisible stitches.
  • If you’ve never tried English Paper Piecing, I encourage you to give it a try.  It is a great take-along or TV project.  I get a lot of my EPP sewing in while we roadtrip in the summers.

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