We have received a number of comments and questions regarding DIY Last Resort Face Masks. We have compiled information that we know of and have received here:

Organizations Needing Mask Donations: Click Here (Deaconess)
Organizations Needing Mask Donations: Click Here (We Need Masks.org)
Organizations Needing Mask Donations: Click Here (Request Masks.com)

As of right now there is not a solid consensus on how the masks should be made or what type of mask each healthcare facility wants.  

We've put together a tutorial below on a simple mask pattern.  Remember, masks being sewn together are not considered a replacement to a medically approved mask or an N95 mask.  We strongly urge our customers to follow the recommendations of the CDC on this matter: CDC Website

DIY Facemask Tutorial

Mary-Jeanine has updated our previous DIY Mask Tutorial with a few extra tips and tricks