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Floralessence 1649-28441-K
Floralessence 1649-28441-KZ
Keep On Trucking-Metal Texture Gunmetal 1649-28277-KZ
Happy Harvest-Blender Gray 1649-28388-K
Southwest Reflection-Kokopelli Charcoal 1649-28260-K
Effervescence-Charcoal 1649-28159-KJ
Effervescence-Grey 1649-28159-K
This & That IV-Manatee Blue 1649-28139-B
Rapture Blender-Charcoal 1649-27935-KJRapture Blender-Charcoal 1649-27935-KJ
Ombre Squares-Grey 1649-27427-K
Origins-Charcoal  1649-27951-KJ
Quilting Temptations 1649-22542-K

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