Quilting Treasures

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Precut 10" Squares-Ophelia 10" SQ-OPHE
Precut 2-1/2" Strip Roll-Jewelscape Cool STRIPS-JEWLC
Precut 10" Squares-Madelyn 10"SQ-MADE
Meow-18" Cat Square Panel 1649-29181-E
Meow-Cat Patch 1649-29182-A
Meow-Cat Toss 1649-29183-A
Meow-Geo 1649-29186-J
Quilting Treasures Meow-Geo 1649-29186-J
In stock, 13 yards
This & That I-Lobsters Navy 1649-27249-N
Make Today Beautiful-Decorative Flowers 1649-29188-N
Make Today Beautiful-Floral Tossl 1649-29190-N
Make Today Beautiful-Set Floral 1649-29191-L
Make Today Beautiful-Paisley 1649-29189-Z
Make Today Beautiful-Decorative Flowers 1649-29188-P
Ophelia-Mini Buds 1649-29127-T
Ophelia-Mini Buds 1649-29127-Q
Ophelia-Mini Buds 1649-29127-E
Ophelia-Decorative Leaf 1649-29124-E
Ophelia-Decorative Leaf 1649-29124-T
Ophelia-Packed Jacobean 1649-29125-T
Ophelia-Packed Jacobean 1649-29125-W
Ophelia-Floral & Vine 1649-29126-E
Ophelia-Floral & Vine 1649-29126-Q

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