Inside The Brother Stellaire XE1 & XJ1 Upgrade (Part 4 Stellaire Series)

In this video, Pat goes in-depth with everything that is included with the Brother Stellaire XE1 & XJ1! She covers how to install and use the new couching embroidery foot and how to couch with your embroidery machine! There is also instruction on the Matrix Copy feature, Two Point Positioning feature, My Design Center updates and sew much more! This lesson will come in handy to anyone who owns the Brother Stellaire XE1/XJ1 with the Upgrade installed AND who own the new Brother Stellaire XE2/XJ2!

Link To Brother XE1/XJ1 Upgrade: Click Here!

Link To Brother Stellaire XE2 Embroidery Machine: Click Here!

Link To Brother Stellaire XJ2 Sewing & Embroidery Machine: Click Here!

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