How To Use The BabyLock Soprano BLMSP Sewing Machine!

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In this video, Kathryn goes in-depth on the BabyLock Soprano Sewing Machine! She covers how to thread the machine, wind a bobbin, select a stitch, customize the sewing settings, and sew much more! This is the only tutorial you will need for your new machine!

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Contents Of This Video:

00:16 - Overview Of Sewing Features
01:59 - Included Accessories
06:02 - How To Install The Extension Table
07:21 - How To Install The Knee Lift
07:54 - How To Lower The Feed Dogs
09:10 - How To Wind A Bobbin & Thread The Machine
19:44 - Overview Of Buttons On Front Of Machine
23:22 - How To Select A Stitch
30:07 - How To Use Auto Cut & Reinforce Functions
32:34 - How To Use Lift & Pivot Function
35:27 - Difference Between A Reinforce & Reverse Stitch
37:56 - How To Change Stitch Width, Length, And Tension
43:46 - How To Customize The Sewing Settings
01:17:58 - Overview Of Handy Accessories
01:20:24 - How To Use The All Purpose J Foot
01:20:46 - How To Use The N Monogram Foot
01:22:09 - How To Use The G Overcasting Foot
01:23:50 - How To Use The R Blindhem Foot
01:26:10 - How To Use The I Zipper Foot
01:26:32 - How To Use The Buttonhole Foot
01:29:15 - How To Use The M Foot
01:32:31 - How To Install A Walking Foot
01:33:39 - Happy Sewing!

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