How To Thread Your BabyLock Serger For A  2-Thread Flatlock Wide!

In this video Pat shows you how to thread your BabyLock serger to stitch out the 2-Thread Flatlock Wide following her trusty Quick Reference Thread Guide! The 2-Thread Flatlock Wide is perfect to use as a decorative addition to any sewing project! This stitch is available on other BabyLock sergers as well, not just the Victory! If you are interested in seeing what a BabyLock serger can do for you don't hesitate in giving us a call or stopping by our store for a demo!

Link to Sergers & Threads to Sew This Stitch: Click Here!

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This is a great video! My serger is used and the semi-auto needle threader has never worked so I always dread changing needle thread as it is a struggle. Now I will buy those Dritz needle threaders!

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