How To Add A FUN Fabric Border to A Kitchen Towel - In 7 Easy Steps!

In this video, Kelsey shows us how EASY it is to add a decorative fabric border to a plain kitchen towel in just 7 EASY steps! Decorate your kitchen for every season with this fun project for all skill levels!

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Contents Of This Video:

00:00 - Intro
00:28 - Step 1: Cut your fabric pieces (5" x Length Of Towel + 3") (1.5" x Length of Towel + 3")
00:52 - Step 2: Press flange in half lengthwise
01:12 - Step 3: Sew flange to the main border piece with 1/4" seam allowance
03:10 - Step 4: Press flange UP, lay fabric border right sides together on WRONG side of towel, pin & sew 1/4" seam on bottom.
06:25 - Step 5: Pinch & pin bottom and sides of fabric border, stitch the sides of the border to the very edge of the towel.
09:43 - Step 6: Trim your excess fabric on side of fabric border & turn the border right sides out!
10:51 - Step 7: Topstitch your fabric border to your towel just below the flange & press!




Beautiful addition to the towel. Do you offer printed directions?

Kathryn Montreuil

Kathryn Montreuil

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing….can’t wait to get started!!

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